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Halloween and Hearing Loss: Halloween Tips For Hearing Impaired Children

Happy brother and two sisters on Halloween. Funny kids in carnival costumes indoors. Cheerful children play with pumpkins and candy.

Halloween is right around the corner. It’s a fun holiday for everyone. Something we believe is really important to us is that hearing loss shouldn’t have to hinder your life – and that is even truer for trick or treaters. Therefore, here are a couple of tips in order for help your ghouls and goblins to stay safe.

Set the processors on hearing devices to blink while in use. That way when they are trick or treating others know that they are receiving sound.

Suggest a costume that requires them to paint their faces rather than facemasks or hats. It avoids blocked vision and dislodged hearing aids, which could lead to accidents.

Make sure their costumes and shoes fit well to avoid any trips and falls.

Use reflective tape and flashing stickers for their costume and trick or treat bag. This way, drivers can see them as they walk across the street or as they move from house to house.

Urge them to carry glow sticks or flashlights to help them see. Not only does it help them see, but also it acts as a source of light should their hearing device falls off.

Accompany them if they are less than 12 years old

Advise them to always use the crosswalks, if they are old enough to trick or treat by themselves. Make sure to include them in groups of at least 3 kids.

Before going out, draw a map outlining the route they should follow through a familiar and well-lit neighborhood.

Set up a time for them to be home and a route so that they will not deviate from their path on the way home.

For the little ones with hearing devices, make sure they fit properly. Those that are older, make sure to check everything is working beforehand and pack extra batteries. But most importantly, have a happy (and safe) Halloween!

For more information on Halloween and Hearing loss, please click here.

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