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Flex technology means that every level is available in the hearing aid, it simply has to be unlocked.
Let's say you bought hearing aid at the lowest price/technology.  A couple months later, you regret that decision because you it did not meet your lifestyle but was all you could afford at the time.  I can now temporarily unlock the higher technology for a couple weeks for you to hear the difference.  If you decide this is the technology level you want, you would just simply pay the difference in technology and I can make it permanent.  Otherwise, with other manufacturers you would have to buy a completely new set of hearing aids and be stuck with the older pair.  (Watch video below to learn about the flex trial)

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Hearing Aid Selection and Dispensing: Services
Hearing Aid



Hearing Aid Selection should involve finding a hearing aid that meets the patient's needs.  In other words, no one hearing aid manufacturer will always be the best option for every patient.  Dr. NO does have manufacturer preferences.  However, unlike Hearing Aid Chains, Dr. NO is not locked in with one specific manufacturer and can accommodate any, if not all manufacturer choices the patient may make.

Primary Choice: Unitron

Secondary Choices: Phonak, Starkey

Other Manufacturer:

Resound, Sivantos, Widex, Oticon, etc.


Unitron has been my primary choice for a good number of years. 
1. I love the sound, if I didn't, I wouldn't sell it.
2. Repairs are typically, easily resolved
3. Customer service is top notch
4. Technology advancements are on par with any manufacturer
5. Pricing is very competitive
6. One of the most important for me is the Flex technology (see below)

Hearing Aid


Unitron is manufacturer that have Demo Hearing Aids that allow me to program to the technology that you may be interested in.  This allows you to truly know what to expect should you decide to buy hearing aids.
Other Demos only present with the top of the line technology.  While this will give you the best chance of success, it is not always necessary to meet your lifestyle and more importantly your pocketbook.  So, the only way to know if you can be successful with a lower technology is to buy it. Flex allows you to try and hear the differences in the technology should you decide to do so before you purchase.
Demonstrations can only be done with behind-the-ear RICs.

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